Discover the La’eeb World
Are you a soccer fan? Do you have a great enthusiasm for the king sport? World Cup is the ideal time to show your sport spirit.
La'eeb NFTs Collection is inspired by the shape of the golden cup. However, it is unique that each NFT is colored with participating countries' flags. Therefore, owing La'eeb NFTs collection, you are showing us your support for your favorite teams and wish them a great victory. Through these NFTs, you can easily spread your world cup spirit to the community and other soccer fans. In some way, these efforts can inspire and motivate football stars to fight, then helps them remain calm and confident and fight their hardest for national pride.
The greatest sporting show on Earth is coming. Let's hold a La'eeb NFT and embrace the World Cup spirit NOW.
How to mint La’eeb NFT Collection
Create. Join. Mint
Create your account
Prepare yourself a Metamask wallet & connect the wallet to NFTciti. If you do not have one then go here. La'eeb NFT Collection will be minted on Polygon.
Join the whitelist
It is simple to obtain a whitelist from La'eeb NFT. To be considered for the whitelist, complete the tasks at the link below. Time to join the whitelist from 10th - 19th Nov.
Mint NFT on schedule
The mint date for the NFT La'eeb collection is 18th Nov. For the most recent information, follow the NFTciti Twitter account. Furthermore, all questions will be answered in the NFTciti channel on Discord.